Medieval England Quiz

Medieval England Quiz

Just how good is your knowledge of medieval England? I’ve put together a Medieval England Quiz to truly test your knowledge. Let me know in the comments how you did!

Medieval England Quiz Part 1

1. John Wycliffe led the Lollards in which century?

14th century

2. The Doomsday Book survey was conducted in which year?


3. How old was Henry VI when he came to the throne?

9 months

4. Which countries fought in the Hundred Years’ war?

England and France

5. Geoffrey Chaucer wrote in which century?

14th century

6. The Peasant’s Revolt occurred in which year?


7. Which king did William the Conqueror overthrow at the Battle of Hastings?

King Harold

8. William Caxton printed the first book in England in which year?


9. The first Viking attacks in Egland occurred in which century?

8th century?

10. The Battle of Bosworth occurred in which year?


Medieval England Quiz Part 2

11. Which two individuals fought for the crown at the Battle of Bosworth?

King Richard III and Henry Tudor (he became Henry VII after the victory at Bosworth)

12. King Alfred won a famous victory against the Vikings at which Battle?

Battle of Edington

13. The Black Death occurred in which century?

14th century

14. Which king died on 5th January 1066?

Edward the Confessor

15. William the Conqueror was succeeded by whom?

William Rufus, his son

16. Which English medieval king had the most recorded legitimate children?

Edward I

17. Who was the tallest medieval king?

King Edward IV who stood at 1.94 metres.

18. The Venerable Bede compiled his Ecclesiastical History of the English People in which century?

8th century

19. The Empress Matilda fought against which King who had taken the throne after she had been designated heir by her father?

King Stephen

20. In the 14th century, it was compulsory for every able-bodied male to practice which sport every Sunday?


Medieval England Quiz Part 3

21. A tanner made goods from which natural material?


22. What was the name of a child who was given to a monastic community to be educated as a monk?


23. Which Archbishop of York was executed in 1405 for rebelling against King Henry IV?

Archbishop Scrope

24. Can you name another Archbishop who was murdered whilst in office in the Middle Ages?

Archbishop Aelfeah d. 1012

Archbishop Thomas Becket d. 1170

Archbishop Sudbury d. 1381

25. Which King allegedly ordered the execution of Thomas Becket?

King Henry II

26. King Henry I lost his only legitimate son and heir presumptive in 1120. How did William die?

He drowned in a disaster known as the White Ship tragedy.

27. Which houses did Henry VII unite following his victory at Bosworth?

The House of York and Lancaster

28. How did Henry VII do this?

He was of the House of Lancaster and he married Elizabeth of York, from the House of York

29. In what year did the Battle of Agincourt take place?


30. In which country did the Battle of Agincourt take place?


Medieval England Quiz Part 4

31. Richard the Lionheart fought in which Crusade?

Third Crusade

32. What was the name of Henry VII’s mother?

Margaret Beaufort

33. What was the name of the first Viking King of England?

Sweyn Forkbeard

34. The death of which king triggered the invasion of William the Conqueror?

Edward the Confessor

35. The Royal Menagerie (zoo) House in the Tower of London was first established by which King?

King John

36. King Richard II was deposed in 1399 by which future king?

King Henry IV

37. Which King signed the Magna Carter?

King John

38. The Wars of the Roses began in which year?


39. King Aethelstan ruled 924/5–927. What was the name of his famous grandfather who he eventually succeeded as king?

King Alfred the Great

40. What was one of the nicknames of King Edward I which was given to him because he was exceptionally tall?

Edward Longshanks

Medieval England Quiz Part 5

41. Which English king is often referred to as the ‘mad king’?

King Henry VI

42. To which King was Isabella of France married to, and who she would subsequently assist in the overthrow of?

King Edward II

43. King Aethelred II is usually given which epithet after his name?

Unready, or Unread

44. Which monastery claimed to have discovered the bones of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere buried on their grounds in the 12th century?

Glastonbury Abbey

45. The Empress Matilda was the daughter of which king?

King Henry I

46. Which woman is the only woman to have been Queen of England twice?

Queen Emma – married to Aethelred II and Cnute the Great

47. King Edward IV was succeeded by whom upon his death?

King Edward V

48. Eleanor of Aquitaine was married to which English king?

King Henry II

49. What is the name of the only Englishman to have been made Pope?

Pope Adrian IV

50. The Vikings initially attacked which vulnerable institutions to plunder their wealth?


How did you do in my Medieval England Quiz? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. zapp b
    26/09/2022 / 12:22 pm

    I need history lessons! I’ll keep reading,your site, haha

  2. Simon
    22/09/2022 / 1:44 pm

    I managed to get quite a few right.

  3. Simon
    22/09/2022 / 1:44 pm

    I managed to get quite a few right.

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